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System information

Profile system
Hardware techniques
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Profile system

Folding glass wall with aluminum with thermal insulation
vertical structure
Optionally with paneling with rear ventilation inside (SF55c)
Optionally with lower storey tract or embedded therein
The floor rail can be used to “households without barriers” in accordance with DIN 18 025
Optionally, you can open inwards or outwards
Optionally, you can open to one side or both sides
The sliding tracks and guides are embedded in the system
You can make allowance for height and expansions


UW up to 1.5 W / m2K (with glazed UG = 0.7 W / m2K)
Air permeability class 4 according to EN 12207
Secrecy to rain, class E900 according to EN 12208 (type A)
Secrecy to rain class 9A according to EN 12208 (type I)
Wind resistance class B4 according to EN 12210 (type A)
Wind resistance, class A4 according to EN 12210 (type I)
Sound insulation of Rw = 36 dB according to DIN EN ISO 140-3
Theft security to resistance class 2 (WK2)

Hardware techniques

All components of the fittings are concealed in the profiles
Components of small, stainless and easy to use hardware with maintenance
The door block is performed in the upper and lower tracks and / or through locking head Champignon type in frames or in adjacent sheets
The locking and unlocking of the leaves is via flat handles with locking anti-theft device
Optionally with different types of locks
The bands are protected to prevent removal of the pivot pins (theft)
It can be set to an open rotating blade adjacent sheet through a trap

More features

Easy regulation thanks to a system of running gear with adjustable heights
Running gear are above the water channeling area
Rollers with low noise, wear-resistant, heat and cold
The watertightness of rain and wind is ensured through two levels EPDM waterproofing
Crystals can be mounted 8mm to 36 mm
Crystals can be changed easily post


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