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Profile system

Profile system

Fully glazed sliding system.
Support structure for the bottom.
Optionally with one lower airways storey or are embedded in the same
The floor rail.
You can use the paragraph “households without barriersin conformity with DIN 18 025.
Optionally with side frames or sin.
Optionally with or without connection to the comparison of a Through A brush seal.
You can make allowance Up to 20 mm in height.


Acoustic insulation value of 17 dB Raw according to DIN EN ISO 10140-2.

Medication deflection Class 4 according to DIN EN 12211/12210 (10mm glass).

Repeat / suction load Class 4 (glass 10 mm) pressure.

Class 4 safety test (glass 10 mm).

All components of the fittings are concealed in the profiles.
Hardware components with small, stainless and user maintenance.
Drag function to open and close the sliding doors.
Variety of knobs and grips for interior and exterior.
Lockable from the inside and / or from the outside.
Furthermore the block can be equipped with a lock inside or outside.


Roller bearings with noise damping and sliding surfaces maintenance and reduced wear.
The sliding carriages are adjustable in height to 5 mm.
The load capacity of the sliding carriages is 80 kg / leaf (maximum weight of the leaves).
The vertical overlap of the sliding doors is approx. 24 mm.
The separation between crystals is approx. 8 mm (if glazed 10 mm).
Coverage or aluminum with brush seal.
Horizontally on the top and vertical frames are installed weatherstripping brush both the inside and outside.
Safety glass toughened glass (ESG-H) of 8 or 10 mm.
Ground mounted sideways and slide rails with optimized length.
Floor side rail with end covers waterproofing.


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