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Profile systems
Tecnica fittings
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Profile systems

Horizontally sliding wall with aluminum without thermal insulation.
Suspended structure with single sliding doors.
Optionally with paneling with rear ventilation inside (SF50c).
The mounting depth of the profiles is 55 mm (SF50c = 75 mm).
The leaves can be opened and optionally park inland, abroad or in the center.
You can open inward, outward or center.
Optionally, you can open to one side or both sides.
Optionally with perimeter frame.
Heights can be compensated after assembly.

Tecnica fittings

All components of the fittings are concealed in the profiles.
Hardware components with small, stainless and user maintenance.
The leaf locking takes place with a distance of approx. 22 mm at the bottom.
The locking and unlocking of the leaves is via flat handles with locking anti-theft device.
The leaves can be further protected with a profile cylinder lock.
You can integrate a door step in a sheet carrying a button, lock and profile cylinder.

More features

Each element is coupled to two rolling mechanisms in the slideway at the top.
Rollers with low noise, wear-resistant, heat and cold.
Running gear can be moved at any angle between 90 ° and 180 °.
In the vertical edge of the sheet tightness rainwater and wind it is guaranteed by two levels EPDM waterproofing.
Double brush seal at the top and bottom.
Crystals can be mounted 28 mm.
You can easily change the windows afterwards.
You can easily change the sheets afterwards.


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