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System information

Profile system
Technical hardware
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Profile system

Folding glass wall made of 3-layer plywood
The depth of the profiles is 75 mm
To choose, opening inwards or outwards
A choice, openness towards one side or both sides
The sliding track and guide are flush
You can accept expansion and height tolerances

Technical hardware

All fittings are arranged hidden in the profiles
Low-maintenance fittings, stainless and failsafe handling
The blocking sheet is made in the bottom track and top
The locking and unlocking of the sheet is effected by interlocking planes shooters theft protection
The swing can be secured against unauthorized opening by a special lock
The tapes are secured so they can not be removed articulated pins (theft protection)
An open wing can be fixed by latching to the adjacent sheet
Is a sheet integrated with multiple lock step operated push button with lock and handle in and out
Is a swivel or flip sheet within a worksheet

More features

The bogies are above the area that can lead water
Wheels low noise, wear-resistant, heat and cold
Tightness to rain and wind through two levels EPDM sealing
Crystals can be mounted up to 40 mm
A wet glazing is expected
Crystals can be replaced later

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